Welcome to Gremp Photography

Over the years, I have done many weddings, portraits, railroad, wildlife and just about anything out there. 

Weddings, I've done from early morning with bride and family to well after the reception.  I've even done the dress rehearsal. 

Portraits, not my specialty, but one I can do and quite often get those wonderful shots that people enjoy the most. 

Railroad photos are something I have done, but not always my special favorite, although I do have a good working knowledge of possible shots. 

Wildlife is something I have a great passion for.   I enjoy drives into the backcountry.  I truly enjoy spending time in Yellowstone National Park and any of the others.  I have been to NASCAR, I have done sporting events and I continue to enjoy photography.

Horses, my current passion is horses.  I have been working with Bozeman Dressage and Combined Training club with photos. I am a member of the Horseman's Club with Montana State University, taking photos for them at riding events, shows, and just about anything the club does.

Chuck Gremp

1001 Low Line Spur Rd.

Belgrade, MT 59714